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Combining a passion for snooker with more than 10 years of experience teaching the game, Snooker System gives you all the building blocks you need to fulfil your ambitions on the table.

By understanding the physics involved in this complex game, you’ll be able to consistently make higher breaks and improve your game in every department
Whether you’ve never picked up a cue before, already enjoy playing at your local club or have dreams of playing professionally, we’ll help you to become an all-round better player and stay on the table longer…


Our lessons are ordered to work on the correct skills, at a time  to suit you


Over 50 lessons covering all the key shots you need to progress

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Each video targets a bite-sized part of the game


Take our targeted lessons and practise them as many times as you need before moving on 


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What they're saying about us

"I’ve known Andrew for ten years and he was part of the team that went to Thailand with Steve Davis to train 24 coaches from Asia. This enables him to offer first class snooker coaching, plus he is a good bloke with snooker in his blood!" 
Chris Lovell
WPBSA Head of Coaching and Training Development Manager
Since working with Andrew I have seen vast improvements and have grown in confidence. Andrew has excellent knowledge of snooker and is able to highlight areas of improvement and what changes need to be made to overcome them.

I would highly recommend Snooker System and Andrew.
Mark Hands

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Frequently asked questions

Why aren't all your lessons on YouTube?

YouTube is an excellent platform for video sharing, but it has no structured learning. Snooker System is designed to coach you as if you were with us in the snooker room, starting with the Essential Skills and working through the whole coaching process in a controlled, structured format.
With YouTube the player ends up watching videos in a random order and that will slow progress and possibly create faults and bad habits that will set the player back. YouTube increases temptation to “run before you can walk”, however at the Snooker System, you will be coached through the process and supported as you strive to achieve your goals.

Do I need my own snooker table?

It would be great if we all had the room at home to have our own full size snooker table, but the reality is that this isn’t practical for most homes. Having a smaller table at home, such as a 6x3 table is an advantage but absolutely not a necessity. Snooker System will provide you with all the information you need to improve your game.
Remember we are always with you on your smartphone, which you can take to the club. Your coach is in your pocket! 

I haven't got my own cue, do I need one?

Whilst you can always use one of the “rack” cues provided at snooker clubs, it’s always best to have your own cue as you will get used to it the more you play with it. If you are continuously using a different cue then you won’t be confident in how the cue ball will react when you strike it, so your confidence will suffer.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on a snooker cue though. Stephen Hendry won seven World Championships with the first cue he ever bought, and it only cost £40!! Watch our video about cues and how to buy one and you won’t go far wrong.
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