Trump: Special, unique and the man to beat?

Feb 12 / Snooker System
It’s a week on since we saw Judd Trump doing what Judd Trump does best: lifting trophies.

His triumph at the German Masters was his fourth title of the season and a record third in Berlin which underlines his place in the game as the most relentless winner.

All the talk coming into this tournament was rightly about the other man at the top of the rankings – Ronnie O’Sullivan – who in capturing the UK Championship, Masters and Grand Prix in quick succession was beginning to show signs of dominance, but Trump responded as he so often does with some silverware of his own.

Despite the Rocket’s rich vein of form, an £80,000 winners’ prize for Trump took him back to the top of the one-year ranking list and stirred up an early debate about who really is the man to beat as we countdown to the World Championship starting in April.

There’s no right or wrong answer, of course. In fact, having snooker’s two biggest stars in such scintillating form at seemingly the same time as we get ready to go to Sheffield could hardly be more exciting.

O’Sullivan we know will arrive at the Crucible with plenty of motive as he bids to win a record-breaking 8th World Championship, but let’s not overlook Trump who over the past five years has been the best player in the world if we judge it on consistency.

He’s reached seven finals already this season and in short is an animal on the table. There are so many tournaments these days that the trend has become to pick and choose and try to time your run of form for the biggest events. Not only is this almost impossible to master, but who are we to start ranking wins as lesser than others. And this is why Trump’s mentality of trying to win what’s directly in front of him is so warming.

You can’t possibly know what the future brings both in form or external factors, so why not live by the mantra of making hay while the sun is shining. Judd did this and then some in Berlin with an excellent performance, capped off with a 10-5 win over Si Jiahui in the final.

He spoke with class about the fans and atmosphere in Germany at the end of the match and made us realise that there really is so much to like and admire about Trump as a snooker player.

Trump gets a lot of undue stick and we’re not sure why. He plays a great brand of snooker and gives every tournament he plays in the respect it deserves. We’ve never known a player divide opinion quite like him. In terms of titles, Judd is now right up there. Some say they’re not the right titles. He’s only won four majors but let’s not forget that Trump hasn’t even hit 35 yet and evidence suggests 40 is the peak age in snooker these days.

His refreshing attitude of going for the lot means he will undoubtedly add to his tally of the BBC Triple Crown events, but maybe the scrutiny around his records is just the best compliment he could be paid. Is he just so good that we expect him to win the biggest events all the time?

For what it’s worth, we think you’re doing just fine Judd. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if it’s Judd rather than Ronnie who is the champion of the world come May.
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