The Voice of Passionate Snooker Fans

We’ve set ourselves a mission here on the Snooker System blog, to bring you the views of snooker fans from all corners of the globe.

A big warm welcome – we hope if this is the first time you’ve visited us, it certainly won’t be the last.

While the day job for us is very much about providing an online coaching academy for players of all abilities, our new platform this year provides an opportunity to bring passionate fans of snooker together.

A fresh approach to delivering content is also high on our agenda. For us, snooker is at its best when enjoyed across communities of fans and that’s why another of our goals is to create a space for those who love the sport to share their views, pass on their experiences at tournaments and start some lively debate.

Although we’re very much at the beginning of our journey, the team behind Snooker System has been playing, watching and passionately commenting on snooker for decades now. It feels like it’s in our blood – and if you share our passion for the game, you should certainly let us know.

With another edition of the iconic World Championship at the Crucible fast approaching and as we head into next season and beyond, we’ll be on a crusade to give fans a voice and a platform to have their say.

We want snooker connoisseurs to share their first-hand accounts from venues, vivid memories of legendary players and put their neck on the line with match predictions and tournament winners.

Come and have your say and be part of the community we hope to build here at Snooker System.

To get involved it’s easy, tweet us at @snooker_system or email


Introduce yourself and we’ll be all too pleased to feature you and your views on the old green baize.


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