Remarkable Judd rising up the records list

Mar 25 / Snooker System
Judd Trump is now in the same company as snooker royalty.

A phenomenal victory at the World Open in Yushan secured him his 28th ranking title and takes him level with the legendary Steve Davis OBE.

This really is the stuff of dreams for Judd as he’s now up there with the greats and proudly sat alongside the 1980’s dominant snooker force, The Nugget – and he’s not done yet. John Higgins is a mere three titles ahead of him and you’d expect him to go past him in the next couple of seasons too.

Instincts tell you that what Trump is achieving now is remarkable, but it feels like everything Judd does is remarkable. His legacy is quickly forming as a relentless winner. His ability to hoover up titles and bulldoze through the field seems all in a day’s work for him.

This is now the third time he’s won five events in a single season – he is a player obsessed with winning and who just never takes his foot off the pedal when it comes to brushing aside his opponents on the table.

Ding Junhui simply had no chance in the final. Beaten 10-4 and just a bystander in Judd’s latest pursuit of silverware. Next on the narrative is an obvious one. In less than four weeks’ time, attention will turn to Sheffield where Judd – despite his level of achievement in the game – has only won once before.

It’s a cliché but it’s also true that he needs to do it again on the biggest stage of them all at least once more. Whether he’s the man to beat or not at the Crucible is a matter of opinion. Many are in the Ronnie O’Sullivan camp when it comes to that particular debate, but the World Championship title is there to be won for him. He’s clearly confident and will feel this is a super opportunity.

You get the sense that he knows that himself this time. While Judd has played down his need to win particular tournaments to build his legacy and instead favours winning whatever is in front of him, it feels as though things are a little different this time. He came into Yushan relatively fresh haven taken a break from the Welsh Open a few weeks back and hinted that he’s feeling good as we head into a couple of big tournaments on the horizon.

Trump knows the enormity of having a winning record at the Crucible and has dominated enough this season to feel he can have a real crack at it.

As we reflect on Judd’s dominance and how well positioned he is for the campaign climax, there’s a temptation to take it all for granted. This winning habit he has established makes weeks like this week feel quite inevitable, but you don’t have to look too far away to see a warning to the contrary.

Neil Robertson – another of the sport’s most elite players – enjoyed an excellent week himself in Yushan reaching the semi-finals, yet he finds himself having qualify even for the right to play at this year’s World Championship.

Clearly results over a long period of time haven’t been up to his usual standards for that to be the case, but not only does this serve as a reminder to not just expect Trump to carry on without a bump on the road, but you must also praise him for sticking so diligently to task. Runs like Judd’s don’t happen because of talent alone. It takes dedication and consistency; two things that Trump can never be accused of lacking. 
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